Free English Conversation Practice with American Christians

Free English Conversation Practice with American Christians

Free WhatsApp video calls with native English speakers to practice your English language skills.

We want to share

As followers of Christ, we are called to serve the world. We were born speaking English, and we want to share that gift with others.

Tell us your story

Tell us all about yourself, in English, and we will listen to you. We can become friends while practicing English.

Read the Bible

We love the stories of Jesus. As part of every call, we want to read some of the Bible together in English. You can ask questions to improve your reading comprehension.

Conversation Practice

As we talk together, we hope you will feel more and more comfortable speaking English. We are kind, patient people, who are happy to be talking to you. This is a safe place to practice English.

We love to share what we believe

We believe that Jesus is the Messiah who forgives our sins. He gives us so much joy, freedom, and peace. We love to share that with everyone.

Meet our amazing team.

We are here to practice English or learn about the teachings of Jesus. We will not help you get money or immigrate to American. This is not a dating website, so we will not assign a man to talk to a woman or a woman to talk to a man.
We will help you practice English conversation for free. 🙂


College Student

Nate grew up in the American state of Illinois and is a native English speaker. He loves working on cars and talking about Jesus. Nate will only practice English with men.



Jamie is an American English speaker who is married and has three children. Jamie will only practice English with women.



David has been following Jesus for 55 years. Like all of the men on our team, David only practices English conversation with men.

Apply Today!

Our service is free. Fill out the form below, and we will match you with the person on our team that we think is the best fit for you.

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After we receive your form, we will match you with an English speaker. That English speaker will send you a WhatsApp message and the two of you will find a time when you can talk. All of our volunteers are in America, so if you are in Europe, the calls will happen in your afternoon or evening.

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